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What we have learned from our voter education efforts


As many teachers will attest, we often learn more from our students than we expect.  We have found the same to be true for our voter education ventures.  We learned that Windsor has a lot of registered voters.  (Hooray).  We approached many Windsor residents and very few of them were not registered to vote.  In most instances the individual was a new town resident (though we did try to encourage the person who had lived in Windsor for a year that he could no longer count himself as new and now was the time to get registered.)  We suspected and reaffirmed that most people were more conscientious about voting in national elections than in local ones. Our voting statistics show that very clearly. And, in contrast, we also met people who proudly announced that they had voted in every town election (again hooray). Though many people were not aware that there are upcoming town elections on November 5th, many others were.  Frequently there was, however,  incomplete knowledge of candidates and parties.  We introduced them to new faces and a new party who would be vying for their consideration.  Some people closely followed issues in town.  They expressed interest in the health and welfare of the town. Only a small number of people rebuffed our initiatives.  “I don’t vote . . . No, I don’t want to talk about why.”  Overall, we walked away from the voter education experience feeling good about Windsor residents. We are encouraged by the conversations we have had and the engagement shown. We know we have much more education to do as we work toward our goals of increasing voting participation. Please join our “Your Vote is Your Voice” campaign.  Encourage neighbors, family members to get registered, to vote and to get invol

Windsor residents are clearly hungry for more information on local issues and the upcoming local election. We encouraged them to come to the Meet the Candidates Nights being held on October 23 and 30 at Town Hall from 6-9pm. (Sponsored by the League of Women Voter and the Chamber of Commerce.)
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National Voter Registration Day

Tuesday, September 24th is National Voter Registration Day. WindsorCTVotes will be providing voter information on the Windsor November election as well as conducting voter registration activities. We will be at LP Wilson from 9-5 and at 330 Windsor Avenue fr0m 4-6.

Do you know who the Town Council, Board and Constable candidates are? We do! Are you registered to vote or new to town and need to change your registration? We can help.
Your voice is your vote.
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Being a registered voter is not enough!


-->Being a registered voter is not enough! 
Marcia Hinckley, WindsorCtVotes member 

Is YOUR opinion on the budget reflected in the past three referenda on our town’s budget? Your vote, or your lack of a vote, affects all residents of Windsor.

While those who voted are commendable, it is a shame that a mere 14 ½ % of our total number of voters went to the polls on June 25th to vote in the third referendum.  The budget failed by only 135 votes. In a town of 20,242 registered voters, this is a very small number – less than 1%! Is this the result YOU wanted? If so, VOTE. If not, VOTE. In either case, VOTE on July 16th!

If we look at the data on the town’s website, we can see how many people in each district voted and the voting results in that district.
Here is a brief look: Nearly a quarter of the registered voters in the Rainbow district voted; this, while still low, was the highest percentage turnout in town. The budget failed in the Rainbow area. The budget passed in the three districts south of the center, but their combined voter turn-out was the lowest in town, where of 9,077 registered voters, only 9% voted.  

Let’s all get out there and vote. Let’s be sure that the results of the July 16th referendum are based on the majority of registered voters, not on the majority of a small percentage of people! PLEASE VOTE on JULY 16th.  Being a registered voter means nothing, if we do not exercise our right, and VOTE.

For more information on the budget and on polling places, please see the town’s website at To suggest ideas for getting out the vote, please contact WindsorCTVotes, a non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing civic engagement, at
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Your Voice

WindsorCTVotes believes that your vote is your voice. You are heartily invited to express your voice on this site. Be mindful that this is a non-partisan group.  How might differing groups with disparate (and often dueling) ideas or like-minded participants advance the cause of increasing voter and civic engagement? How can we include strategies for school-age populations so the values and responsibilities of citizenship are viable for the next generalizations?

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Welcome to Windsor CT Votes!

WindsorCTVotes is passionate about its mission to advocate for increased voter participation and civic engagement in politics.  The organization wants to address issues of low voter turnout in Windsor and wants to encourage all Windsor citizens to partake in the voting process.  We invite non-partisan discussion and partnership in tackling this as an issue in our community and in our country. Our group meets the first Thursday of the month at 4:00. 

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